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SlimFit 30days Fast Detox tea bags are made with 100% natural blend of traditional herbs specially selected antioxidants that Aid in fat Burning, SlimFit Tea is designed to cleanse , Detoxify, shred fat and control apetite, improve your immune system, flush out toxins SlimFit Detox Tea will have you feeling energetic & invogorated while complementing your hard earned effort to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

How to Drink :put 1 tea bag in to boiling water let sit for 2 minutes proceed with squeezing one lemon add to tea drink hot or cold in the morning or Afternoon

Ingredients : ashawaGanda Root,celery leaf,lemon grass,nettle leaf,senna leaf, yerba mate, sencha Green tea, Jasmine tea, oolong Extract, Ginger, Alfalfa, Stella via media, burdock, fennel, psyllium, cascara Saggrada, organic whole leave.

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