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Slimfit Botanical Fat Burner

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Slimfit Botanical fat Burning pills Are 36 Amazing pills made with 100% Natural Botanical Plant Extracts specially fomulated to stop the Body from Absorbing Fat, Significantly Decreases Apetite and Cravings, increases thirst making you drink lots of water to flush out toxins speeds up your metabolism, Blocks fat Absorbtion, Aids in Rapid Excretion of fat consumed, Slimfit Fat Burner is your final weightloss Solution you can loose up to 6lb weekly on Slimfit Fat Burner with No Side Effects.


How to Use : take 1 capsule open it mix with 3 spoons of raw apple cider add a lil water stir and drink or mix with 1 lemon drink first thing in the morning before breakfast daily.

Ingredients: 45 % Chlorogenic Acid, Green tea Extract, Triphala Extract, Glucomannan, ProBiotic Fiber, jobstears, artemisia dracunculus, Bamboo shoot, psyllium husk, Lotus leaf, seed fat



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